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Techman for trading and agricultural works

There are companies were born huge, other companies became pioneer and succeeded because of their Founders’ thoughts ….. Other companies were loved by people. And others were blessed by god and became huge. but Techman Co. Had all of those features

In the beginning it was just an idea in its owner’s mind Engineer: Nabil shokralla and this idea were born mature, right and strong. as a vital result for several reactions such as the mechanical engineering science which dominate his mind as a talented engineer reacted with his love to mankind and with his unlimited Passion to his country EGYPT and this all made Techman Co. Comes out to the life as a pioneer company introducing perfect solutions for agricultural industries field problems.

Techman Co was the first company enters the world of machines of rice milling and grinding and it opened several Markets for export the EGYPTIAN rice to, through many factories that have been designed by the company. And also import for those factories machines and accessories by the company for the governmental sector companies, private sector companies and specialized agriculture associations

Also Techman Co considered as a pioneer company in importing many machines and its accessories, spare parts and flour milling machines (cylinder flour machines) with different designs suitable for all needs, also produce small units for manufacturing Animals fodder for chickens, rabbits, buffalos, fish, also the company import oils machines, and hummer mill machines In addition to producing small units in agricultural industry for youth projects and producing village

Also the company provides the farmers and local markets with its services in many fields that they need it to improve their quality and productivity, such as:

1 – Submersible pumps with different kinds, brands, and power capacity suitable for the land level the agriculture area

2 – High pressure pumps horizontal central pumps and irrigation groups

3 – Generators with all kids, brands, and power capacity (diesel – gasoline) from 1 KW to 500 KW

4 – The agricultural tractors and its accessories and spare parts

5 – Self driven harvesters, power tillers and driven by tractors harvesters and tillers

6 – Mowers, cutting trees machines, Hedge Trimmers and garden tools

7 – Spraying sets, spraying pumps, motor sprayer and hand sprayer

8 – Electric motors and diesel, gasoline generators

9 – Modern flour machine that work with cylinder (production 500 ton / day) and its spare parts

10 – Modern rice machines that’s for new production line or renew old one and its spare parts

11 – All kinds and brands of hummer mills, pelletizers and small flour machines and its spare parts

In addition to Techman Co have its dealers in 26 governorates and about 100 distributors and local agents they work in the previous fields to be the total local distributors, merchants and agents about 800 local distributors inside Cairo and the other governorates, and also the customers services centers and after-sale and maintenance centers that work 24 hour per day 7 day per week

Also the company has its own maintenance cars that reach the customers’ sites for easier and quicker maintenance and also professional technicians whom trained in international factories

Additionally, there are Experts from RUSSIA and CHINA staying in EGYPT to provide their technical supporting and to train Egyptian engineers and workers

Beside, the company has its professionals with a very high degree of experience to introduce their knowledge and supporting for foreign and Arab investors and to provide them with studies to help them to achieve their projects in the agricultural industries field

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